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Colorado BOTOX® Injections for Migraines

Prevent Headaches With This Cutting-Edge Treatment

Have migraines been a regular event in your life? Recent studies have shown that BOTOX® injections can serve as an effective preventative treatment for people with chronic migraines. At Colorado Clinic, we thoroughly assess our patients’ headaches and develop a treatment plan to mitigate pain and reduce the frequency of attacks. If BOTOX proves to be a viable treatment for you, we will help you develop a treatment schedule that should keep Migraines in check year-round.

Who makes BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is made by Allergan, which is a US-based specialty drug company. Allergan offers medical devices and other innovative products in over 100 countries. Allergan is committed to the research and development of life-saving and cure-giving products and devices. Only Allergan’s BOTOX is approved by the FDA.

How is BOTOX given to chronic migraine patients?

BOTOX is injected by the physician to several areas of the head and neck. The doctor uses a tiny needle and makes 31 total injections. Before giving the injections, the forehead and neck are cleaned with an antiseptic solution.

How often are BOTOX injections for migraines given?

Most pain management specialists and neurologists administer BOTOX injections every 12-16 weeks. The doctor will decide if you require ongoing therapy.

Can I still take medication for migraines should I have one?

When using BOTOX for prevention of migraine headaches, you may still have a headache occasionally. BOTOX is a prescription-only solution that is used for prevention of headaches in adults. If you do have a headache, you can still take your usual headache medicine.

How do I know if my migraines can be treated with BOTOX injections?

BOTOX is recommended for chronic migraines that occur 15 or more days each month and last 4 hours or more. BOTOX will not be given to adults with occasional headaches. For patients that meet these conditions, a round of preliminary treatment will be required to assess whether or not is effective for your migraines.

Do BOTOX injections for headaches work?

In a large study involving 102 patients, 31 units of BOTOX was used in the frontal and temporal facial areas, as well as between the eyes. In this study, 86% of the patients had 8 or less migraines each month, and 100% reported that the treatment helped them.

What other conditions are treated using BOTOX?

BOTOX is commonly used in pain management for chronic migraine headache, but it is also approved and used for:

  • Post-stroke upper limb spasticity
  • Persistent daily headache
  • Tension-type headache
  • Severe neck/shoulder muscle spasms
  • Strabismus
  • Detrusor over activity
  • Hemifacial spasms