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Spinal Injections

Colorado Clinic

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With 24 vertebrae and several nerves and discs, the spine is vulnerable to wear-and-tear as you age. At Colorado Clinic in Colorado Springs, and Greeley, Colorado, the pain management providers use spinal injections to diagnose and treat spine pain. Spinal injections are a safe, minimally invasive way to substantially reduce spine pain and damage. To learn more, call Colorado Clinic or schedule an appointment online today.

Spinal Injections Q & A

What are spinal injections?

Spinal injections are medications that help diagnose and treat pain. When combined with a comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation plan, spinal injections can significantly reduce inflammation in the spine. These injections minimize inflammation and numb pain to promote healing.

Are there different types of spinal injections?

There are several different types of spinal injections, including:

Facet joint injections

Injecting a small amount of anesthetic into the facet joints in the spine allows you to complete physical therapy and rehabilitation without substantial pain. Without chronic pain and inflammation, your joints can heal while you recover.

Epidural injections

Pain that begins in an inflamed root in the spine and radiates toward your extremities may respond well to an epidural injection. This anti-inflammatory steroid can provide lasting relief from spine pain.

Sacroiliac joint injections

The sacroiliac joints sit between your pelvic bones and sacrum. When these joints become irritated, they can cause pain in your hips, buttocks, and lower back. A sacroiliac injection can reduce inflammation to relieve your pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

How are spinal injections performed?

The physicians at Colorado Clinic use a fluoroscopy during spinal injections to ensure accuracy. A fluoroscopy is a type of X-ray guidance that contains a contrast dye. This allows your doctor to see your body in movement to diagnose or treat pain as accurately as possible. Injecting the medication takes only about 20 minutes.

After injecting the medication and an anesthetic into the specific treatment area, your physician may monitor you for about 30 minutes to ensure the anesthetic wears off. However, not all injections contain an anesthetic. 

After your treatment, you may feel mild pain and soreness, but these side effects are temporary. If your injection includes an anesthetic, your pain may subside after the treatment but return later. Depending on the type of injection you choose, it can take a few days for the steroid to begin working before you experience lasting relief.

How long do the effects of spinal injections last?

Spinal injections can provide relief for several months after your initial treatment. When combined with a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, many patients experience lasting pain relief. If your pain returns after the initial treatment, your physician may recommend additional injections. 

To learn more about spinal injections, call Colorado Clinic or schedule an appointment online today.