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Ankle Pain

Colorado Clinic

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Ankle pain might arise from an acute injury like a fracture or sprain, or may develop slowly if you have a condition like arthritis. Whatever is causing your ankle pain, Colorado Clinic can help. At the practice’s offices in Colorado Springs, and Greeley, Colorado, you receive an expert diagnosis and effective treatments tailored to your unique requirements. To find out how you can experience relief from ankle pain, call Colorado Clinic or book an appointment online today.

Ankle Pain Q & A

What causes ankle pain?

Ankle pain can strike suddenly if you fracture or dislocate the bones in your ankle. Sprained ankles, where the ligaments in the joint stretch or tear, can also cause acute ankle pain. This type of injury is one of the most common. You could also develop ankle pain that comes on more slowly due to conditions like:   

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Bursitis

In addition, pain may radiate into your ankle from conditions affecting your heels, such as plantar fasciitis and bone spurs.

Why is it important to get treatment for ankle pain?

There are several reasons why you should seek a professional diagnosis and treatment at Colorado Clinic when you have ankle pain.

It’s not easy to tell whether you have a fracture or a bad sprain, as the symptoms can be very similar. If you have a fracture and the bones heal poorly through lack of treatment, you could develop long-term weakness and chronic pain in the joint.

If the problem is a mild sprain or Achilles tendon injury, it might heal with rest. However, a more severe tear or rupture is unlikely to repair itself properly without expert attention. Ankle injuries often leave a tissue weakness that makes the joint unstable and is likely to lead to your ankle giving way again.

Prompt attention at Colorado Clinic can help you avoid these problems and regain full function in your ankle. They perform a physical exam, listen to you describe the symptoms and how the pain started, and order diagnostic imaging scans like X-rays or a CT/MRI scan to look at the internal structures in more detail. 

What treatments can help with ankle pain?

The techniques Colorado Clinic uses to treat your ankle pain depend to some degree on the cause of your pain and its severity. 

Injuries like fractures and sprains might require support and stabilization using a splint, brace, or other devices. Severe fractures might need surgery to realign the bones and repair damaged soft tissues, followed by a cast.

Most problems that cause ankle pain benefit from physical therapy, which promotes tissue healing and stops the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments from weakening. You might need steroid injections for more persistent joint inflammation.

Colorado Clinic also uses biologic treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), to promote healing and reduce ankle pain.

To make sure you avoid problems in the future, contact Colorado Clinic for expert treatment of your ankle pain. Call their office or book an appointment online today.