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3 Reasons to See a Pain Management Specialist for Bone and Joint Pain

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Managing pain is hard on your own, especially when your family physician has limited experience with bone and joint conditions. Many people in Colorado learn to cope with the detrimental effects of pain, but a pain management specialist can help. At Colorado Clinic, we specialize in bone and joint pain. Here are three reasons why you should work with one of our pain management specialists.

1. We are specially trained to diagnose and treat pain that involves the joints and bones.

Pain is a challenging symptom for even the most experienced clinicians. You may have pain directly in the joint or bone, or you may be experiencing referred pain. We recognize the underlying source of your pain and know how to treat it safely and effectively.

2. We use a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

A multidisciplinary approach means that we work with your family physician and other specialists, such as physical therapists, to provide you with comprehensive solutions to your bone and joint pain. This produces superior outcomes for our patients.

3. We are patient-centered and work with you as a pain management partner.

Bone and joint pain affects your quality of life, and only you know how the condition needs to be corrected to help you feel better and enjoy life more. Our team partners with you to offer options for treatment, provide you with knowledge and insight, and support the choice that you make for your care. You feel confident about your treatment plan because you are involved in every step of the way.

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