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Common Causes of Back Pain

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There are as many causes of back pain as there are words to describe the symptoms! In order to get relief (and the right professional treatment), it’s important to at least try to identify the source of the pain. Below we’ll discuss the most common causes of back pain.

4 Common Causes of Back Pain

1. Being Overweight

Carrying around too much weight increases the strain on the back. The gravity and balance of your body shift forward which creates stress on the back muscles. This affects the position of the spine which causes pinched nerves. This will not only affect your back but cause your walking gate to be unnatural.

2. High Impact Sports

Playing sports is a lot of fun, yet is another big cause of back pain and injuries. Football, soccer, and other high impact sports can cause back damage that will lead to arthritis. Motorcycle racing leads to crashes that can also damage back muscles which will lead to a lifetime of back pain.

3. Vehicle Wrecks

High-speed wrecks and head-on collisions are very damaging to the body, and the back can take the brunt of the impact. This is another way of getting arthritis in the joints and muscles which also leads to pain in the back for a lifetime.

4. Seeing a Doctor or Specialist

If your back doesn't improve within a couple days or rest or you have a pinched nerve, a visit to a doctor should be considered. This can save you from making things worse. A pinched nerve creates the possibility of paralysis and being confined to a wheelchair.

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