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5 Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

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Sciatica pain is caused when there is pressure that is compressing the sciatic nerve. This condition can be debilitating but can often be treated with stretching and light exercise. Here are 5 stretches and light exercises for sciatica pain relief:

Stretching Exercises

Back Extension: Lay flat on your stomach and push your arms shoulder-width apart holding the top half of your body up and back while pushing your pelvis into the floor.

Knees to Chest: Pulling your knees one at a time to your chest is a great way to loosen the back, butt and leg muscles that affect the sciatic nerve.

Forward Pigeon Pose: Pull one leg in front of you with the knee pointing outward. The other leg should be horizontal to the body. Slowly fold forward over the leg to your comfort.

Strengthening Exercises

Leg Raises: Lie flat on your back and put your feet together. Raise them to a 90-degree angle and lower them slowly trying to hover over the ground. This will strengthen back muscles.​

Arm and Leg Extensions: Lay on all four hands and knees and slowly extend your arm and opposite leg at the same time for each side. This will help extend fluid to the spine.

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