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Colorado Tension Headache Treatment

You Don’t Have to Live With Headache Pain

Tension-type headaches (TTH) are the most common primary headache disorder characterized by a dull, tight feeling around the affected area. If your headache feels like a tight band or clamp is squeezing your head, you may have a tension-type headache. These headaches usually last for a few hours, but certain patients have been known to experience them for several days.

TTH is divided into three subtypes based on attack frequency:

  • Infrequent Episodic TTH – in which headaches occur 1 day or less per month on average
  • Frequent Episodic TTH – in which headaches occur between 1 to 14 days per month for at least 3 months
  • Chronic TTH – Wherein headaches occur 15 days or more per month.


A tension headache can feel similar to a migraine, especially if you are experiencing chronic headaches. In most cases, TTH do not come with the accompanying symptoms of migraines such as blurry vision, nausea, or increased sensitivity to light and sound. Some symptoms you might experience during a TTH include:

  • A tender feeling on the scalp, neck, or shoulders
  • Headaches that occur later in the day
  • Dull “squeezing” pain in the affected area
  • Pressure in the forehead
  • Difficulty sleeping

Why They Occur

Like many forms of headaches, the specific common cause between tension headaches is unknown, but we do know of many things that can trigger them. Stress, bad posture, anxiety, and sleep deprivation are just a few of the common TTH triggers. It was previously believed that TTH was caused by muscle tightening in the head and face, but there are several patients dealing with TTH that do not experience this.


Many tension headaches may go away on their own after a few days, however, if you regularly experience TTH you should schedule an appointment with a medical professional for treatment. While over the counter pain relievers can be an effective treatment in the short term, many people with chronic TTH end up overusing them and end up dealing with Medication Overuse Headaches which are even worse.

At the Interventional Headache Center of Colorado, we strive to both prevent headaches and mitigate pain when they do occur. We create customized, therapeutic treatment plans tailored to a patient’s individual needs. Contact us today at 917-221-9451 to schedule an appointment for Tension-Type Headache Therapy at one of our clinics in Loveland, Thornton, or Greeley.