Medical Marijuana Policy
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Colorado Clinic Policy Update

This past year Colorado passed new legislation legalizing the use of marijuana beyond that of the traditionally recognized medical marijuana authorization. Where we realize it is your right to choose to use marijuana, as medical professionals our ability to prescribe within the realm of pain management is regulated at the federal level. In other words, the United States government trumps that of Colorado’s new legislation.

What does this mean for you as a patient?

This means as a patient you can no longer smoke marijuana and receive opioid pain medications from the Colorado Clinic.

What if I have a Medical Marijuana card?

Unless you have a documented diagnosis of cancer and are actively being treated by an oncologist, you will no longer be prescribed opioid pain medications. Those patients with documented evidence of cancer will be addressed on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, this new policy is derived from federal regulations and their relationship to our individual ability to prescribe and maintain our medical licensure. Therefore we ask that you abide by this new policy. Any future inability to maintain marijuana free may result in loss of medications or discharge from the practice.

Thanks in advance for you cooperation.