Mallon, Tom
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Thomas J Mallon

4 Westbrook Corporate Center, Ste 440, Westchester, Il 60154 | 708.708.408.7640 | Tmallon@regentsurgicalhealth.com

Personal Statement

As the CEO of a leading ASC company, I have devoted my career to the business of medicine enabling physicians to deliver high quality patient care via an efficient work environment in ASCs and specialty hospitals. Because of the clinical autonomy we provide, ASCs are valued by the physician and hospitals for more than their “ancillary income”. The investment income from these ventures enables many physicians to augment their declining professional fees but the efficiency enables them to serve more patients in less time in a high quality environment, enhancing the value of their practices. We are partners with both physicians and hospitals, providing the professional unbiased management that both need in order to trust each other.


  • Harvard Business School
  • MBA – General Management (1982)
  • Denison University
  • BADouble Major: Political Science & Classical Civilization (1978)

Business Experience

Regent Surgical Health

Founder, CEO and Board Chair (2001-Present)

Regent specializes in working with physician and hospital partners in the development, management and turnaround of surgery centers around the country. As CEO, I oversee the management and operations of 26Surgery Centers from Anchorage, Alaska to Ft. Myers, Florida with two partnerships overseas – Dublin Ireland and Roatan Honduras. In these ventures we have over 400 physicians and twenty hospital partners. Last year, revenues for Regent centers exceeded$110 million.

Gryffindor Capital Partners

Founding Member and General Partner (1999-2001)

GCP is a small venture fund formed by partners associated with the Transwestern Investment Company in Chicago. Its strategy is to find and support early stage ventures. I served as a general partner focusing on due diligence prior to the investment and working through problems that arose after investing. The fund is still in existence awaiting the liquidation of its investments.

Same Day Surgery, Chicago, IL

Co-Founder (1994-1999)

I co-founded SDS in 1994 with two partners. SDS was a Chicago based ASC company that purchased majority interest in 5 turnaround surgery centers in the Chicago area. As the operating partner, I assisted in recruiting 70+ partners and grew the business from $2 million in annual revenue to over $20 million in 4 years.

Century Capital/JMB Realty/Miglin-Beitler

Commercial Real Estate Leasing (1983-1994)

I served as leasing representative, director and Vice President of Marketing for three major real estate companies during this time – Century Capital, Houston, TX, JMB Realty, Chicago, IL and Miglin-Beitler, Chicago, IL. Supervising a staff of up to 15 leasing professionals, I was responsible for leasing downtown and suburban office properties in Chicago and other Midwestern cities. In my last position with the Miglin-Beitler Company, we leased 2 million square feet of space per year in a very soft commercial market in the early 1990s. We served owners such as CitiCorp, TIAA, Nomura Securities and Yasuda Life. We became known for our work with troubled and foreclosed office buildings, leasing and managing them to prepare them for disposition.

Board Memberships (for Profit)

CE Sundberg

Board Member (2009-2015)

I am an investor and serve as outside board member to CE Sundberg, a $40 million per year, 80 year old parts distribution business located near Midway Airport in Chicago. CE Sundberg serves home repair technicians with Whirlpool, GE and LGE parts for home appliances. This leveraged buyout has maintained and grown its market share in the last three plus years and has purchased a minority interest in Repair Clinic, a very innovative internet company selling to the “do it yourself” market. I serve on the compensation committee.

Inland Bank

Board Member (1999-2010)

Inland is a community bank based in Oak Brook, IL. Its focus is local commercial real estate lending. I joined the WestBank board in 1999, when it was a $250 million asset bank. Through growing the loan portfolio and combining with two additional banks in 2007, the bank changed its name to Inland and grew to over $1.1 billion. I served on the audit committee for my last four years there. I resigned effective June 30, 2010 to spend more time in my healthcare work, primarily due to the uncertainty presented by the passing of ObamaCare.


Physician Hospitals of America

Board Member (2010-2011)

PHA represents 125 operational facilities and 75 facilities under construction that are owned primarily by admitting physicians. I have been in Involved since its founding as a member. I joined the board January 1, 2010 in time to participate in the final lobbying push to soften the impact on physician owned hospitals in ObamaCare bill passed in March. We were unsuccessful. I resigned at the end of 2011 as both of our physician owned hospitals transitioned to hospital system ownership.


Christ Church of Oak Brook

Trustee, Elder and Mission Chair (1991-Present)

CCOB is a 5,000 member non-denominational church based in Oak Brook, IL. The church has had a passion for local, national and overseas missions since its founding 48 years ago. I served on the mission committee and mission chair for 17 years. During that time, we increased our US and national mission partners from 30 to over 60. Our giving increased from $800,000 to $1,600,000.I have traveled extensively to Africa, Asia and South America to visit our partners in their home countries. Currently, I serve as trustee, sitting on the personnel committee and leading the board development committee.

C-12 (2010-Present)


C-12 is a group of business owners focusing on applying their faith in their business. It meets monthly for a full day and functions as a board of directors for 20 business owners. We focus on best practices in leadership, human resources and business administration. It provides each of us a time each month to think about the strategic direction of our businesses with like-minded business owners who will give us unvarnished advice based on our shared values.

Affordable Medicines for Africa

Board Member

South Africa for holistic ministry in the colored communities outside of Cape Town. Second, it seeks to encourage African manufacturers to make and distribute pharmaceuticals in Africa. Many drugs imported are either counterfeit or rendered useless due to the extreme heat while stored in shipping containers. It is an intractable and difficult problem but slowly is being addressed with the help of this organization.


Board Member

This is a start-up secular organization that resources child headed families in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It currently serves 20 teens caring for their younger brothers and sisters. The organization provides life skills training and occupational training over a three year period. It is supported by Rotary International and is innovative in its approach to training and resourcing these at-risk youth.

Board Memberships (Political)

Americans For Doug Truax Campaign for US Senate

Board Member and Finance Chair

Doug Truax is a member of my C-12 group who is running for the Republican primary in the IL US Senate race. This is my first experience working in a political campaign. After many years in healthcare, I am committed to seeing people with integrity elected to represent us.

Publications and Papers

I have published an extensive body of work as CEO of Regent Surgical Health. Recent samples are listed below. Additional examples can be found at: www.regentsurgicalhealth.com/news

  • Surviving in a Highly Consolidated Payer Market (Under Consideration for Publication)
  • Providing Quality Healthcare in a Values Driven Culture (Health Leaders)
  • Six Bullets in the Gun (Letter to Physician Partners)
  • 20 Orthopedic and Spine-Driven ASCs to Know (Becker’s ASC Review)
  • Patients Before Profits – Agreed! (Modern Healthcare Editorial)